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Gasser on His '09 KTM 200

Gasser always rides solo in none attempted ridden areas, as there's nobody to argue about his lines, distance, and speed choices.

This Kiser '09 KTM 200 has been gnarly Big Island bulletproofed, now @ 13K grueling off-road miles on the original top end.

"Best off-road bike I've ever owned from the many I've cut trail with and rode the Mauna Kea 200 with," Gasser says.

Check out his video below.

Riding the Kalapana Coastline Lava Flow

Gasser's Top Ten Reasons Why Kids and Parents Should Ride Motorcycles

  1. They love mom and dad because they all ride together.
  2. They look forward to weekends to hang with their parents.
  3. They got some trick show-and-tell riding gear for school.
  4. They're never bored, always preoccupied getting ready to ride.
  5. They learn skills of balance, timing, distance, and speed.
  6. They make lots of solid, cool motorcycle-riding friends.
  7. They establish good habits of keeping their bike/life organized.
  8. They are always there to help out their rider friends.
  9. They will get a job to support their fun weekends.
  10. They won't steal mom and dad's money for crystal meth.

Why Kids and Parents Should Ride Motorcycles

Gasser on Trail 69

This Trail 69 section goes over a typical nasty lava flow (like on my Kalapana video), laced with deep holes, tire-wide cracks, square-edge step-ups, and big block chunkier rocks, all hidden under wild orchids, ferns, and tall grass.

Nasty bad lurks anywhere along this foot-wide pig trail I ribboned that leads into a coastline rainforest jungle zone that has huge Albizia tree roots growing all over the undulating slippery moss-covered lava rocks that are crisscrossed with fallen tree limbs.

On my last dual sport ride of nine riders, five riders quit after this first half-mile section. Not only is the trail gnarly, the heat and high humidity will test any off-road pro rider because you have to work to keep the momentum up on a trail that's near invisible (less than a foot wide), though this is a magic carpet ride on my '09 Kiser-supplied KTM 200 XCW two-stroke. Nothing stops this dual sport off-road bulletproof bike.

At 69 years old, I laid out these Jungle Trail 69 sections. Today I'm 72 and still ride and maintain these trail sections plus many more.

Go Faster Than the Crash,

Trail 69

Gasser on Any Sunday Ride

I always keep my '09 KTM XCW dual sport off-road bike and gear ready to cover any spur-of-the-moment or planed-ahead rides with a 2 liter drink Camelback and bare bone necessities, but enough to bullshit myself safe.

I wear 20 pounds of body armor every ride. This provides me confidence to charge through lava rocks and unknown jungle/forest sections, but sometimes Hail Mary attempts are miscalculated . . . but I can continue to charge because somewhere way back there was the point of no return where the real unlimited adventure started.

Dirt or street, see Kris at Kiser's for the best rider armor fitment and coverage. He knows what it takes, as he's raced several times in the challenging Mauna Kea 200 enduro events.

Sunday Ride

Gasser on Dual Sportin' and Section 2 of Trail 69

Section two of Jungle Trail 69 has lots of hidden rocks and roots under years of jungle debris. Heat, humidity, mosquitoes, rain, pigs, and snagging vines make up this trail.

Having a dual sport motorcycle puts more adventurous fun into riding where most can't even hike, much less go the distance.

It's a great feeling to pack a lunch in Puna and ride my way up to top of Mauna Kea via back roads, off-road trails, power lines, and tarmac to eat lunch at the 13,390-foot elevation.

Or eat lunch at the top of the end of the 17-mile road @ 11K elevation on Mauna Loa. If you do this ride, keep in mind Kym Kiser pumped a bicycle up there!

Dual sportin' is making short off-road trails here and there as you go pokin' around the Big Island for the adventure thrill of it all. Why ride a boring asphalt ribbon when the there's some clutch slippin' adventures off the side of the road where you can be pitchin' it sideways through the bushes and over obstacles to get your next stealth half mile loop? Yeah, dual sport motorcycles are fun! Talk to Barry in sales; he and his sons ride 'em.

Gasser's Rundown and Video of Big Island Dual Sport Association's 2nd Annual Lava Butt 400!

Aloha, dual sport gnarly off-road riders!

Big Island Dual Sport Association's 2nd Annual Lava Butt 400 was ridden in reverse this year with a few trail changes.

Daryl Vierra lead us from Hilo to Waimea as we tire spinning punched our way through old over grown sugar cane roads and Macnut orchards dirt back roads squeezing past locked gate fence posts and twice we had to ride through unknown peoples back yards to get to the main roads as we worked our way 45 miles to Waimea for a gas pit stop.

Next section was dirt Mana Rd for 42 miles of free for all high speed pitch it sideways riding as I tried to keep up with the 3 front runners Joe Edsmon, Jerry Miller, and Anthony Ortiz as they boiled huge volumes of zero visibility dust making me miss a turn hitting a berm getting surprise! flying W air off into a cow pasture but I stayed on the gas saving my 72 yr old motocrossing ass getting back on the road and staying 100 yards behind their dust plume and wicking it up every butt cinching chance there was a clear space from the dust.

Then about 5 miles in I saw Joe and Jerry stopped on the side for some reason, but I just kept the KTM 200 pinned because I knew them bad boys would be back on the gas soon to make up time and they would have to bust through my dust cloud to catch me, then out of nowhere Pro surfer/off road rider Jerry Miller on a Honda 450 put a rock spraying roosting pass on me, so I kept it pinned slamming gears up and down in all the turns to hang close before the dust could boil into a big blinding cloud, Jerry bobbled and I passed, I bobbled he passed, we did this dicing for 20 miles and three times I over shot turns off into some real nasty OMG butt cinching terrain, but did not crash because I normally ride in that bad shit all the time, that's where my saying "go faster than the crash" proved itself once again.

So I'd get back on the WFO gas to reel Jerry back in, when Jerry and I got to the end of Mana Rd, Anthony had beat us there by two minutes, back at mile 5, Joe spent 10 minutes to find a bad wire glitch to get his 2014 Bata 300 running again, arriving a few minutes behind us, so I know Joe was just hauling unbelievable ass (as always) to do this, also Steve Lau's KTM 450 carb got dirt in the main jet, so in removing the jet, it snapped off at the threads! But Steve managed to tickle the broken off piece out and Daryl just so happened to have a 170 main jet in his tool pack to save Steve's day. How unreal was that?

Next section was 47 mi strewn with nasty square edge lava rocks around Mauna Kea @ 12,500 elev. only six riders took the challenge, It was noon time and the weather was not looking good up there, so, James, Ferge and I pussied out and took the tarmac to the next check point to where the six mountain loop riders popped out, from there we road 45 mi of tarmac to the Kona Royal Resort to end day with a hot shower, cold beer, and prime rib steak dinner to bench race laugh the day's ride.

Day two was 45+ asphalt miles to Maunu Ka Bay Rd for a nasty 17 mile loop consisting of dirt/rock, a'a' and Pahoehoe lava, coral sand and rock pebble beaches, green sand pu'u' hill climbs, and big chunky square rocks sections that flattened Joe and James tires, it was strength sapping hot and humid down there along the South West Kona coastline as we road that section hard on the gas nuts to keep the front wheel light over all the nasty rocks every inch of the way.

Next section was a "every man for himself free for all" pick any road through the throat choking yellow silt South Point coastline, offering many deep rutted silt trails that crisscross a wide swath of land, fun high speed riding to where you can brake slide into the berms a 45-50 mph and wheelie out into whatever your "no fear" motocrossing expertise can handle, good fun shit to the max.

From the ocean waters edge we WFO it 5 mi up Ka'a'ala'ala's narrow tight over hanging Haole tree lined rock infested serpentining dirt road to Waiohinu town, Joe and I were hard on the gas wheeling over countless gnarly rock clusters at speed, brake sliding into blind turn berms hoping there wasn't a fisherman's pick up truck coming down because there's no way out but to crash into the trees growing in the lava rock's, this is hairy shit go fast take chances riding Big Island dual sport off road riding style, home of the Rock Island Rider's two-day Mauna Kea 200 off road endurance race.

When we got up to the main road, it was late in the day and started to rain and we had 70 miles of highway to get home. Ferge and I, both over 70, pussied out again (though to us old geezers it's called "senior citizen privilege") and loaded up on dependable Ed Ung's chase truck trailer for a warm ride home.

The ride ended with a BBQ and ride videos at Steve and Lehua Lau's horse ranch.

Mahalo, rider bruddahs for one good flyin' Hawaiian time! John DeSoto would have loved this ride.